No Horse Race Selections for Sunday the 16th March

Horse race selections for Sunday

After the last two days which gave 100 per cent winning bets, on Sunday there are no bets i could decide on. There was one race which  indicated two lay selections but I couldnt decide in the end so its best to leave the race and not lose anything. Better to save the money for another day.

I do have two bets on another method I am trialing which is going well but I need to monitor them for longer to see how they pan out  before I start posting them especially with the jump racing getting to the end of the season and the flat starting up proper soon. Always a difficult time of year.

On Saturday the sole win bet won and all three lay bets came in. Harry Topper just qualifying as Betfair SP was 9.0. My own bet didnt get laid as Betfair cut the max SP i had set to 8.75, but still a bet not put on is a bet not lost so cant complain too much, if Harry Topper had won it would have done some damage to the weeks profit. There is always another day and another race.